Ernst Mether-Borgström

Member of the Finnish Academy of Arts

Graphic Artist
Born on 2 August, 1917, died on 28 June 1996.



The Central School for Industrial Art, 1937–1941
The School of the Finnish Academy of Arts, 1945–47


Prizes and decorations

National art competitions: 4th prize 1949, 3rd prize 1954, 2nd prize 1961 and first prize 1963.
Prize in the triannual exhibit of the Finnish Academy of Arts.
Prize awarded by Svenska Kulturfonden (Swedish-language cultural foundation) 1973.
Espoo City prize for pictorial art 1982.
State prize for pictorial art 1980.
State prize for pictorial art 1987.
Pro Finlandia medal. The Order of the Finnish Lion.
Foreign: Prince Eugen medal 1984.
Membership of the Academy of Arts.


Memberships and Positions of Trust

Honorary member of the Finnish Union of Sculptors 1988.

The Finnish Painters’ Association, Finnish Graphic Artists’ Association, member of the board 1951-1954, honorary member Espoo Pictorial Artist


MetherBorgstrom_omakuva2    MetherBorgstrom_omakuva1

Self portraits from year 1949.